What to know about Cordless Drill Battries

The effect of the batteries in cordless drills has made it a unique feature that has attracted a lot of operators to the machine. Cordless drills have gained popularity because of the in-built batteries that make it more mobile and reliable compared to other types of the drill. Cordless drills over the years have proved it that it is the best drilling machine one could never purchase and this is as a result of its great efficiency and reliability that is possessed. The cordless drill is a type of advancement over other typesof drilling machines all around the world. Cordless drills have helped in areas that lack stable electricity in making work easy for the operators. In considering buying or working with any cordless machine, it is very important to go for a long lasting battery because it is going to save the stress of charging all the time. The common battery types used by cordless drills are;

  • Nickel Cadmium batteries (NiCd) :- this is one of the most used batteries by the cordless drill that has nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium as its compound, it is rechargeable with specific emery of 40-60W.h/kg, energy density between 50 to 150W.h/L, the specific power of 150W/kg, recharge and recharge efficiency between 70 to 90%, self-discharge rate of 10%/month, cycle durability of 2000 and a nominal cell voltage of 1.2V.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) :- this is another popular battery used by the common cordless drills. It is abbreviated as NiMH having a similar chemical reaction with Nickel-cadmium cell i.e. both use nickel oxide hydroxide.it is a good battery that can be used with cordless drills.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries (Li-Ion) :- this is the most used battery for a cordless drill that is believed to be the best has its best shelf life and it charges very fast

Just like types of batteries, top brands drills comes in different sizes with properties like its capacity, its storage properties and its charge time.

Out of the various features to consider when purchasing a cordless drill, the battery should be considered first. Selection of battery type is very important because the drill solely depends on battery unlike the other drills with a cord.

Recently, top brands are developing a new idea called ‘bare too’ product and according to manufacturers the new idea will improve on the previous machines because it’s a new upgrade to the machines made before.

While buying the battery, there is a buying method called  ‘buying style’ which means when you buy the charger and the battery, you can buy the tool at a very cheap price, but if you are buying it as a bare tool only, it will be sold at a more expensive price.The disadvantage of this is that a particular brand of battery can’t be used for tools that don’t belong to its brand. That is a plus on the side of the manufacturers of the brand while it’s a minus on the part of the buyers of the batteries.

Properties of Cordless Batteries

Before buying a cordless battery, it is almost necessary to know the properties of the cordless battery because it will help while choosing the cordless battery of your choice.

The main features of cordless batteries include:

  • Its life cycle: when talking about the life cycle of a cordless battery, it means the time at which the battery can power the drill. Some batteries can power a drill for a long time while some batteries can’t power drills for long so it’s the best decision to choose the battery which powers the drill for a longer
  • Discharge rate: When talking about the discharge rate of a cordless battery, it simply means the rate at which the battery gets consumed while it is in use by the drill. There are some batteries that get drained faster while in use by the drill while some batteries don’t get drained faster so it is the best decision to buy a battery will not get drained so fast.
  • Voltage sizes: When talking voltage sizes of a battery, it simply means the minimum rate of the voltage at which the battery will charge and the maximum voltage it can charge. For example, if a battery can charge at 180V-220V when charged with volts less than 180 volts, it will not charge and when charged with volts above 220 volts, it may stop charging or even get destroyed.
  • Memory effect: When talking about memory effect of batteries, it simply means that while charging a battery and using it, with time, the battery remembers the point at which it’s charged to and the point it’s discharged to and soon it will stop to charge at that point and the power of the battery depreciates until it stops working. So it is important to know this before buying a battery because this does not apply to Lithium-ion batteries but applies to the other types of battery.

How to Know the Best Battery That Fits Your Drill

Many people ask themselves the rhetorical question ‘how do I know the best battery for my drill’, now I tell you it is very simple to know. Firstly, while choosing the best battery for your drill, it’s compulsory to know the type of drill you want, select the brand you like which has been mentioned above. When the type of drill is known, it’s best to always go 20-volt option which can be the Lithium-ion option or another one of your choice.

How to Use Your Drill with Your Battery

It is a major problem that people always have a problem when they buy battery for their already bought drill, when you want to fix the drill by changing the battery when the battery is dead, you should find the best screwdriver that fits the screws of the drill, it ranges between sizes 8 and 10, when the screws have been removed successfully, remove the wires connecting the old battery to the drill, then clip the new battery to the wires of the drill and cover it back with the screws removed then you are good to go.

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