What Different Kinds Of Fabrics Is Bathrobes Made From?

What is a bathrobe?

Robes can also be called housecoats, morning robes, or dressing gowns, and they all describe the same subject. A robe is a baggy outer garment worn over clothing or underwear to cover it up. It is discreet, but at the same time, enveloping you in comfort and luxury. They have become symbols of status, warmth and comfort, no matter what style or element you use.

Most robes have a wide opening neckline that can sometimes get tied with a belt at the waist. It gets designed to be worn over clothing, pyjamas, underwear or nothing underneath. They are seen as a comfortable yet stylish way to cover up while walking around the house. There are some differences in style, design and element used to make the robe. The end product is identical for men and women.

Different fabrics from which bathrobes gets made

  • Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre composed mainly of cellulose and used in textiles. Due to the hydrophilic essence of cellulose, cotton absorbs water effortlessly and often gets used on the beach, in the pool or after swimming. Robes are especially suitable for wearing in hot weather because cotton manages to absorb sweat.

  • Silk

Silk robes get praised for their looks, but they can be relatively expensive. Silk dresses are very light and delicate and are not particularly suitable for wet situations as they require the surface and polarity to absorb water. They are the conventional choice as they do not get used after bathing.

  • Microfibre

Microfiber is a very light synthetic fibre, usually made from cellulose or polyester. It gets knitted into textiles to simulate natural fibre fabrics. The microfiber robes are lightweight and very soft to the touch. It is flammable.

  • Wool

These are common in chillier weather.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fibre sometimes used in inexpensive dresses and gets prized for its washable properties.

Reasons to have a bathrobe in your closet.

  • Style

With countless styles and colours to pick from, the robe is a simple piece of clothing that can be classic and elegant the moment you put it on, without needing other outfits or accessories.

  • Warmth

Not all robes get designed to keep you warm, but this is one of their main benefits. This single layer of clothing gets worn over pyjamas or regular clothing to stay warm and even cut down on heating costs at home.

  • Convenience

No doubt wearing a robe in the morning or following a hot shower at night. With a simple strap to wrap and fasten, it is even more comfortable than anything else you might have in your wardrobe.

  • Absorbency

Some robes are made from an absorbent material, such as a terry cloth towel, and serve as a towel when you get out of the bath or shower, giving an effortless way to wipe your entire body when wrapped comfortably around you.

Each robe has unique characteristics that can add to your interests. It all depends on which style you favour. You can get silk robes for women if you are the one fancying over silk.