What Are The Various Choices Of The Yoga Mats Available For People?

Yogis have been using yoga mats for thousands of years to protect themselves from injury. The first mention of a yoga mat is made in an ancient Indian text called the Yoga Sutras. This text was written by Patanjali, a contemporary of Lord Buddha and considered one of the great philosophers of India. It is believed that Patanjali wrote this sutra as his personal treatise on how he trained himself to attain enlightenment through meditation.

In fact, there are more than 1,000 references to yoga mats in the Yoga Sutras itself. They were used to protect oneself from injury while practicing yoga postures like sun salutations (known as asanas).

The word “mat” comes from the Sanskrit word “madya” which means “earth.” In other words, your yoga mat is a part of you. And just like your body, it must be protected from harmful germs, bacteria, dust and moisture, which could make you sick or injure you.

You can choose from several different types of yoga mats depending on what kind of activity you want to do with them. Here we will discuss your options when shopping for a yoga mat.

Types of Yoga Mat Choices

There are four main kinds of yoga mats which you should know about before making your purchase:

  • Standard Yoga Mat –

These are the most common type of yoga mats available today. They come in various sizes and thicknesses. Some offer a firm grip while others are softer and flexible. They are also ideal for beginners who need extra support while learning new poses.

  • Anti-Slip Yoga Mat –

These mats are specially designed to handle slippery conditions like wet floors or wet surfaces. Some are coated in rubberized material while others use non-slip foam padding underneath their surface. They come in all shapes and sizes and can also be used as a training mat.

  • Waterproof Yoga Mat –

These mats are made out of thick PVC or nylon fabric that repels water and prevents mold growth. They are usually not suitable for high temperature use and should only be stored indoors. You may also find these mats with a layer of sponge inside so you don’t slip on anything while doing your practice.

  • Foam Mat –

These mats are made up of open cell foam covered with vinyl. They tend to be less expensive and come in many sizes. However, they lack stability and durability compared to the other types of mats listed above.

  • Carpet Yoga Mat –

Although carpet is a synthetic material, it does have certain properties which make it good for yoga practice. For example, it absorbs sweat and heat so you won’t get sweaty hands during your class. Also, its soft fibers allow room for your skin to breathe and helps prevent blisters after long sessions.

  • Hardwood Yoga Mat –

These are wooden mats which are very dense and hard. They often require some form of glue in order to keep them together. They are not recommended for beginning yogis as they can easily break.

  • Rubber Yoga Mat –

These mats are generally thicker and more durable than standard ones. They are also more expensive but they provide a firm surface without slipping on wet surfaces. They are often used by advanced yogis and athletes due to their superior performance.

  • Wood Fiber Yoga Mat –

Made out of natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, jute etc., wood fiber mats are a good compromise between price and quality. They are easy to clean and maintain. Due to their natural composition, they are considered eco-friendly products.

  • Bamboo Yoga Mat –

A special type of mat made of bamboo fibers, these mats are highly absorbent. They won’t absorb any sweat but they help reduce friction on your skin while practicing yoga. They are lightweight and can be used as a training mat as well.

  • Cushion Yoga Mat –

This type of mat is made of soft foam that allows you to lie down comfortably and still enjoy your practice. Some cushion mats even provide added protection against falls. If you plan to buy this type of mat, you should opt for the ones which are more comfortable to sleep on.

  • Flexible Yoga Mat –

Designed to flex with your body movements, these mats are typically made of latex or polyurethane foam. They provide a cushioned experience since they conform to your every movement. They are perfect for people that have arthritis or back injuries.

  • Latex Free Yoga Mat –

These mats contain no animal products and are made of vegetable derivatives. They can be found in a variety of colors and textures. They are also suitable for those suffering from allergies.

  • Therapeutic Yoga Mat –

These mats are designed to relieve aches and pains caused by repetitive motions like typing at a computer. They are also useful for stretching muscles and relaxing sore joints.

  • Treadmill Yoga Mat –

Made specifically for runners, treadmills and elliptical trainers, these mats are designed to stay flat no matter how many times you walk or run on them. They feature a non-skid coating and are available in several sizes.

  • Outdoor Yoga Mats –

These mats are designed especially for outdoor use. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy wear and tear. They are more expensive than standard mats but they last longer.

A person can go through the various options that are available for the people. The main motive of the people is to get the results that will prove to be a good option. A person can plan to choose the best quality of the mats that provides a high level of the comfort to people. They can yogamatte bestellen from online sites.