Weight Loss Is Simple But Not Easy

It may sound a bit surprising, but losing weight is very, very simple. It’s not however easy to do. And because it’s not easy many people will run around the simple weight loss methods and instead try to find a short cut that is both simple and easy. But people who want to get results without putting much if any effort into achieving them is a subject for another discussion. What I’d like to do in this post is discuss why weight loss is so simple.

It’s simple because it’s not the type of rocket science that weight loss companies seem to want you to think it is. Weight loss, or gain is a function of a human body. It works in a very straight forward, none complicated way – when you have excess amount of calories your body stores them as fat. When you have a lack of calories your body burns fat to get the extra calories (energy) you need. That’s all there is to it.

But no, people want to complicate it, bring in metabolism and what have you into the equation without addressing the underlying fundamentals. For you to drop pounds your body must burn fat, but for it to do so there must be a calorie shortage. No shortage – no reason to burn fat – no weight loss. As such you must create a calorie shortage to force your body to burn the extra pounds.

How do you do it? Simple your get less calories than you spend, in other words you eat less and exercise more. It is possible to do just one thing either diet or exercise, but the best results come when you do both, doing both will also have the most positive effect on your over all health. Trying to do create calorie shortage by working out more without a good diet is often a total waste of time – no matter how many calories you burn during a work out you can always eat even more.

And trying to diet without exercising sounds like a good idea, but it doesn’t actually work. What happens is when you switch to a new, low(er) calorie diet your body puts up a red flag and instead of burning the fat it starts to conserve as much energy as possible. By working out you can over come it and force your body to get the extra energy by burning fat, which is your goal.

This is of course where we run into the “not easy” part. Following a healthy diet means you have to stop eating your favorite junk food. And exercising means that instead of watching TV or playing video games or what ever, you have to go to a gym and exercise. And that can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have the right mind set for weight loss. However, this is the part you should focus your efforts on.

You can also additionally carry out your own research and understand the different alternatives available, an ideal way to do this is by researching on the best fat burning pills with no side effects, their use will ensure a holistic approach to dietary planning which will help you achieve long term results.