Use VPN for safe and secure browsing

Are you looking for a way to hide your IP address while browsing through the internet? Then VPN is the answer for this; VPN stands for virtual private network which is a system that lets a person browse the internet securely maintain the privacy. VPN in a way helps in maintaining the anonymity, which is quiet useful especially when one is browsing through the restricted sites. VPN is undoubdetdly beneficial, especially for the torrent users who are the ones that make use of VPN the most.

If one loves to download latest movies, games and video clip torrents then VPN is essential for them. There are certain countries where some sites are blocked and banned so in order to access those sites one needs to use VPN. For torrenting VPN becomes a must and there are quite a number of good VPN’s for torrenting, you can find some of the best VPN’s for torrenting on

A lot of popular torrent sites have been shut down recently making it all the more important to use VPN for torrenting. A lot of people must not be aware of this but whatever you click online on the torrents sites or every click of yours is watched and tracked down by the government, big companies and the hackers.

Why does one need a VPN?

In today’s competitive and contemporary world, it has become extremely essential to use VPN for keeping the online activities private; here are the reasons for using the VPN:

  • Anonymity maintained- The VPN’s are known for keeping the online activities as well as the browsing data and the identity secure, which makes is a must have for keeping hackers away. The VPN also allows you to access sites that are banned in your country without getting tracked.
  • IP address- The best thing about using the VPN is that while visiting different countries you can access the internet from different IP addresses. So if you are from US and are travelling to UK then you can access the internet with the US IP address.
  • Wifi- secure- Public wifi- networks have become common these days so if you are logging into a public wifi then a VPN would help in keeping your information secure and encrypted.

Although a lot of people are aware of the VPN torrents and their benefits but there are also quite a number of them, who think that using a VPN is the violation of the country’s law, but this isn’t the case as it is not illegal to use the VPN; it is just a safe and secure way of maintaining anonymity while accessing certain sites. has quite a lot of information regarding the use of VPN torrents and the need.

What to look for in a VPN torrenting site?

A lot of people are unaware of the qualities of a good VPN for torrenting which makes it difficult to choose the right site. Here we have some features that should be there in a VPN torrenting site.

  • The best VPN torrenting connects you the servers in seconds, which is why you should look for a VPN torrent which has a fast connectivity for both downloading and uploading content.
  • The speed should be fast for uploading and downloading of files, if the VPN torrent speed is slow then it can be really frustrating.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is the need of today and the VPN torrents that are good and best come with an unlimited bandwidth. VPN with unlimited bandwidth lets one enjoy the torrent without having to fear about the capacity.
  • Anonymity is an important feature that should be there, the best VPN torrenting sites give complete privacy. Anonymity gives one the freedom of downloading and browsing anything by using different IP address without having the fear of getting traced.
  • A good VPN torrent is one which is compatible with almost all the devices, the best ones are compatible with IOS, Linux, MAC, android and windows.

VPN sites

With a large number of VPN sites it becomes difficult to choose the right one, so here we some of the best VPN sites having all the possible features that should be there in a VPN torrent provider.

  • The express VPN- The best and the highly recommended VPN for torrenting, it provides the fastest speed and a secure network to browse. The express VPN is highly recommended because of its outstanding performance and secure connection; it has options of doing P2P sharing without being monitored. It has an unlimited bandwidth, no log, a DNS service and it is SSL secured. Moreover the express VPN has software which can be used on windows, IOS, Android and MAC. Thought it is a little on the expensive side but it is just worth every penny as with the express VPN you can secure three devices.
  • Strong VPN- It is known to have a two decade experience in digital security; this VPN provides high speed with an unlimited bandwidth. Upto five devices can be used simultaneously with the subscription of the Strong VPN. It has a support system which is 24/7 available to hear and solve the queries of the users related to the strong VPN. The VPN can be used on both the IOS and the Android and for any doubt you can easily read the reviews on the site of the strong VPN.
  • PureVPN- This is another good provider of the VPN services and is known to be the most reliable one. The PureVPN is considered to be a reliable VPN provider with its servers located in different countries like Russia, Sweden, Netherland, Brunei, Turkey and many more. PureVPN is compatible with MAC, IOS, Android, windows and Linux.

If you want more information about the features, the VPN torrents and the best VPN providers then you can visit You can also search online for the best VPN providers and also read reviews regarding all of them before taking a decision.