Types Of Dog Sleds

These days there are many different types of dog sled out there, some of which incorporate the latest and greatest technologies but the most popular and in many cases the most recognizable dog sleds tend to be the ones that have been around for centuries. When most people think about dog sledding the image that comes to mind is a team of huskies pulling a wooden basket sled through the snow. The wooden basket sled is the direct descendant of the first wooden sleds that were originally used for dog sledding.

While it may not be one of the most durable types of dog sleds it does tend to be quite popular due to its light weight and common sense construction and browse around these guys . Because basket sleds are so light they are one of the best options if you plan on racing or taking your dog sled team cross country. Another popular type of dog sled is the toboggan sled which is generally made of plastic or other sturdy but light weight material and has a lower center of gravity than the basket sled, allowing it to carry much heavier loads. If you need to carry supplies or passengers over a long distance the toboggan sled is generally considered to be the best option. If you are looking to do a certain type of dog sledding, such as racing, you need to get a sled that suits your needs. Many different types of dog sleds are used in dog sled races but the basket sled tends to be the most popular because it is the lightest and offers the best maneuverability. For long distance races some racers my decide to go with a toboggan sled because it will allow them to carry more supplies on their journey even though it may cost them a bit of speed.

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