Top 3 Arpeggiator plugins that you should know

Expert musicians, sound engineers, and composers know the importance of an Arpeggiator plugin in identifying a unique pattern of sound. Arpeggiator is a term that derives its name from “arpeggio”. In musical language, it refers to the sequential playing of notes of a chord. It allows you to create unique rhythmic patterns. Arpeggiator plugins open up a wide range of musical patterns that will help you express your artistic vision. You can find several types of Arpeggiator plugins. Kindly visit this link for more details. 

Today, we bring you top three Arpeggiator plugins. 

Cthulhu by Xfer Records

Cthulhu is from the same company that made Serum advanced wavetable synthesizer. The product page has a detailed description of the unique plug-in capabilities. Cthulhu primary function is to transform inputted chords into many different ways. It is a versatile tool. It can be used in many ways. You can create chord progressions or musical motifs you might not have thought of otherwise. Cthulhu is a fantastic Arpeggiator. You can create many interesting chord variations simply by pressing single keys on the keyboard. You can import chords or play them directly in the plug-in.

Kirnu Cream by Arto Vaarala

When Kirnu Cream was released in 2013, it took the MIDI industry by storm. Since its release in 2013, the plug-in was able to produce a variety of effects, including sequenced patterns and chord memory progressions. Cream is almost unchanged from its original version today, which is testament to its design and functional excellence. Kirnu Cream is a top-quality product. Kirnu Cream is as versatile as a live instrument and as versatile as a recording tool. It also features one of the best pattern sequencers available, with great chord memory features. You can select and manipulate your pattern data with ease. Kirnu Cream is incredibly easy to use and learn. 

Sugar Bytes – Thesys

Sugar Bytes is well known for its plugins. Thesys utilizes the venerable-and still-popular-step-programming paradigm in enabling you to manipulate your music in various interesting ways. Thesys is a great tool for creating new musical expression, whether you are looking to explore something new or just give life to old samples. Thesys is not like other plugins, which force you to use a certain way of working. You can also input notes using a MIDI keyboard if you prefer a more traditional approach. The randomizer is a useful feature that helps you avoid the predictable results. This feature allows you to create new melodic ideas or take your music into completely different directions. 


An Arpeggiator plugin is a great way to enhance your music, as well as a great way of adding life to something new that is difficult to make without them. A simple Arpeggiator can adjust the pitch of notes, but more advanced models allow notes to be moved from left to right or played in a polyphonic arrangement. An Arpeggiator can create complex melodies or repeating patterns even when you are only playing a single phrase. There are many more Arpeggiator plugins in the market, according to your requirements.