Tips For Finding The Best Bodyguard

Life is uncertain, and every day many unprecedented events occur around people. But for some people, these events can take a dangerous turn and may be life-threatening. So for such cases, one may require a bodyguard who will go the extra mile to protect them and take care of their personal needs. Hiring a bodyguard is also not a bad idea for keeping one’s family safe.

Movies and television shows may portray them as severe and no-nonsense individuals, but they are much more than this. A professional bodyguard has tactical as well as personal protection skills. Many times they are ex-special force or military members.

What are the primary duties of a bodyguard?

The basic understanding of the word “Bodyguard” is guarding someone’s body, which is not wrong. Though, the roles are much more extensive than just guarding someone. Their work does not begin when someone is in danger, but it starts even before the threat can occur. They try to eliminate the chances of even letting the threat occur in the first place.

So, whether one is looking to hire a bodyguard or trying to become one, it is good to know the usual duties and responsibilities of a bodyguard.

These are some of the general roles of London bodyguards:

  • Providing security solutions for events.
  • Escorting people to and from various events.
  • Securing the perimeter before the client arrives at the location or for any public event/conference.
  • Monitoring the area when the client is on-site and performing regular safety checks.
  • Pre-plan escape routes for emergency purposes.
  • Communicating potential threats to the rest of the security team and informing the clients.
  • Staying alert at all times to identify any possible threat.
  • Personally driving the clients at all places and doing routine security checks at their homes.
  • Doing background checks on new staff, employees, or any unauthorized personnel.

Apart from these, a well-trained bodyguard has many other responsibilities and duties.

Who hires a bodyguard?

Usually, bodyguards are associated with celebrities or known personalities, but the services of a bodyguard may be helpful to many other people. Here are five types of people who might need the services of a bodyguard:


Hiring a bodyguard is always a priority for every entertainer and celebrity. They require a personal protection service to protect them from passionate fan devotion. People try to get into their personal space, which sometimes can take a dangerous turn. A bodyguard will manage the crowd and make sure that the interactions between celebrities and fans are safe and orderly.

Business executives

The c-suite or the executive-level managers hold many sensitive documents and transact in a large sum of money. Thus, they are vulnerable to unsecured situations that can compromise critical information. Thus, investing in a bodyguard is a wise decision. The executives should also take a bodyguard to even on vacations to be safe.


High net worth or very wealthy individuals are also famous personalities who are in quite the limelight. But at times, this attention can make them prone to dangerous events. So, all high-profile individuals should hire a bodyguard to mitigate any unwanted attention or risk.

Legal Professionals

Legal professionals involved in domestic disputes and divorce cases are also someone who can become the target of many people. If a case takes a nasty turn, there is always a chance that the losing party may retaliate. Having a bodyguard to oversee the proceeding and visitation will ensure that everything goes peacefully.

The target of media attention

People who suddenly become a hot media topic or are receiving a lot of attention from the netizens should also consider hiring a bodyguard. Not all the attention may be positive and supportive.

What qualities to look for in a Bodyguard?

Here are a few characteristics that the best bodyguards will possess:

Extensive training

A good bodyguard should be trained in self-defense methods and analytical skills. Protection services require one to be able to assess and take action during emergencies quickly.

Industry Experience

Bodyguards with special force or military experience are the best for mental and physical skills. Hiring them will give one complete peace of mind.

Situational awareness

  • Expert driving skills

This is another necessary skill that one should look for when hiring a bodyguard. Apart from the driver’s license, they should also be trained in defensive driving skills, which are helpful when saving lives, property, or assets.

  • Excellent judgment

One usually entrusts the safety of their family and assets to bodyguards. Therefore the professional should have excellent judgment and the ability to evaluate situations even when facing a threat calmly.

  • Physical fitness

Protection services lead to aggressive encounters as well as swift reactions. So for this, a bodyguard should be in their best physical state. Most bodyguards clear physical tests before they are assigned tasks or clients to ensure their physical soundness.

  • Communication skills

Communication skills may not be an imminent skill in a bodyguard. Still, verbal and non-verbal skills are crucial to brief the clients about dangerous situations and communicate with other security personnel.

  • Team player

In many events or public appearances, the bodyguard may need to work with other security professionals to secure the entire area. So they should know how to take and give orders whenever required.

If one is looking to hire a bodyguard, it is best to reach out to security companies. State the requirements and preferences, and then the company will provide a bodyguard who matches those requirements. One must find the right bodyguard as they will be with them and their family at all times. So, consider every minute thing before hiring them.