The Phenomenon Of Almonds Disappearing Calories

Almonds undoubtedly belong to foods with a high energy value, which is associated with high-fat content. We can of course dywagować on how they are present in the fatty acids have a positive effect on the human body, but does not change the fact that 100g of almonds is – according to data from the tables of more than 570 kcal, which is pretty good. Nevertheless, multiple testosterone booster reviews suggest that the inclusion of a testosterone booster or almonds in the diet accelerates weight loss fat reduction. Interestingly, this effect is noticeable in spite of the daily maintenance of the energy supply at the same level. How is this possible?

“Wonderful properties of almonds”

Scientists have long wondered how it is that almonds have stimulating properties of weight loss. It has been suggested, among others, the presence of the compounds of the increased energy expenditure and pointed out that the properties of the filling. It turns out, however, that “the miraculous power of almonds’ is linked with the fact that their real energy value is less than the suggested label or nutritional tables. Simply put, the body is unable to efficiently obtain all the calories they contain. So at least indicate conducted by specialists from the United States Department of Agriculture study.

Equivalent Atwater

The energy value of protein, carbohydrate, and fat can be determined by incineration in the so-called. bomb calorimeter. The obtained results, however, do not correspond to the amount of energy obtained by the body, which is associated with some losses in the process of digestion and absorption, and incomplete combustion (protein) in the political system. Therefore, the energy has been developed physiological equivalents. For food labeling nutritional value equivalent Atwater is used. In its assumptions, it diminishes the energy value of individual nutrients on the above-mentioned losses.

Interesting study

However, it appears that in some cases can give equivalent values ​​Atwater far accurate. An excellent example of this is … almonds. Researchers at the USDA to estimate how much energy we obtain real almonds performed a study on 18 adult healthy volunteers. Participants received first (for 18 days) standard diet devoid of almonds, then enriched with 42 g almonds (another 18 days), and finally supplemented with 84 g of almonds a day (last 18 days). The results were surprising.

Results and conclusions

The study showed that the energy value of almonds is strongly overestimated! Realistically, because of 100g of this delicacy, we obtain no 570, and about 460kcal. This fact explains why the introduction into the diet of almonds instead of other foods (with apparently the same energy) is in fact tantamount to weight loss. Taking into account the fact that almonds are not only fewer calories than we thought, but also superbly stare upon and provide a variety of healthy ingredients – definitely worth incorporate them into your daily diet.