Tarot Ethics And Conduct – Know about the ethics and meaning

What Tarot Can And Cannot Do For You

Tarot cannot give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Tarot cannot unfold the actions of a partner; unless they are willing, approving and engaging in the activity out of choice. Tarot can give you advice and objectivity that can help your intuition. Tarot can also give you the whole picture of a situation, so that you may see what you know already, but are overlooking. It is common to overlook certain areas, especially when they involve emotional issues and influences. It is essential for you to understand the rose quartz healing benefits if you want to remove the issues and influences from mind. There are many causes related to the problem. Make sure that there is the availability of the relevant advice for the solving of the confidence issues with the self-esteem. 

Perception, Opinion and Choice

Different levels of maturity, growth, card context, imagery, level of tarot activity, engagement concerning your drawn cards; all these factors will affect your perception and thus your opinion. Opinions and perceptions greatly affect choices. Your opinion, intuition, and discernment should be applied independently of anyone else’s opinion, most especially when making choices.

Conducting Readings

In conducting personal readings, here I discuss integrity and accuracy: If you are to conduct a reading and do not wish to interpret the cards alone, you may not be ready to do advanced readings (start with smaller spreads; 3 card layout or daily advice card for example). If you execute a reading and allow another person to interpret the cards, please consider the following; the other person’s deck may not match yours (affecting the imagery and then the interpretation). Each deck has a biased view on the value of the cards and the meanings as well. Consider the other person’s preparation and time. Does it match your input? Consider, that the other person will not have the same sort of intuitive reflection that you had, by the very physical act of flipping the cards. Nor the intuitive reaction and energy you carried, at the time of executing the spread.

Respect for the Process.

You may meditate and clear your thoughts. You may state several affirmations and so on. This is your preparation and the time you are prepared to input, in order to get a good reading. If I am reading for you, or if you are doing a reading for me, I shall offer you similar respectful preparation time, out of common courtesy.

One thing that tarot cards can do, is to validate the answers to your questions. All tarot cards hold questions within the advice they offer. Apply these questions to yourself. Here is when self development and honesty is important. For we hold the answers to the questions within us, the tarot helps us to use our intuitive guidance system to access these answers.

Tarot Application

To let go and move forward, we need to understand first, then we can accept the circumstances we encounter, due to the enlightenment we have received. Each and everyone who applies tarot to their life is capable of their own mastery. Your deck speaks to you and works with you. All that engage in the activity, should be well educated on the cards and should also devise their own unique way of understanding and working with them.

Tarot Exercises

Going through all 78 cards; examine and pick 4-5 words that encapsulate the meaning of each card for you. Pick one word that stands out for you, as the main symbolic idea behind the imagery of the card. This will help you both in your own interpretations and when you get feedback from another reader. You will find, in your consistent and dedicated practice, that specific cards hold direct and more exact meanings for you, coming from your personal interaction, with your personal deck. Every action has an effect and every action holds within it an intention, behind every intention lies an individuals reasons and these reasons connect back directly to the self. Thus your intentions in the practice of tarot, will affect both the amount of clarity you receive and the beneficial results you attain.