Darbar Movie Download, Leaked By Tamilrockers

Darbar Movie Download In Tamil Leaked By Tamilrockers: Rajinikanth starrer Darbar has been leaked online by hot running piracy website Tamilrockers. The film released on January 9.

Darbar Movie Download

Rajinikanth starrer Darbar has become the latest victim of piracy website Tamilrockers. This is not the first time that a film of Rajinikanth has been leaked soon after its release movies like Petta, 2.0 and Kaala these all are also leaked by the piracy website Tamilrockers.

About Movie

Rajinikanth plays Mumbai Police Commissioner Aaditya Arunsalam in AR Murugadoss directorial Darbar. The cop drama also stars Nayanthara, Suniel Shetty, Nivetha Thomas, Prateik Babbar, Nawab Shah and Yogi Babu among others.

The film opens with Aaditya Arunachalam, Commissioner of Mumbai Police killing gangsters in Mumbai using encounters.

In a flashback, Aaditya arrives in Mumbai with his only daughter Valli to become Commissioner of Police. He cleans up drugs and trafficking using the situation of the kidnapped minister’s daughter as a catalyst. During the mission, he comes to know about drug supplier Ajay Malhotra, son of industrialist Vinod Malhotra and apprehends him.

When Aaditya goes to prison to meet Ajay, he is shocked to see that a proxy is in prison and not Ajay. Aaditya asks Indian government commission to investigate this and the corrupt officials declare the proxy is Ajay and there was no error. Aaditya comes to know that Ajay is in Thailand and gets Thai police to arrest him along with his fake passport. Since the government already declared Ajay is in jail they are forced to declare the person in Thailand as a different person. Aaditya uses this loophole and shoots Ajay’s proxy (Anil Pawar) in jail and announces that his body will be shown to the public. This forces corrupt officials to actually kill Ajay to save face and replace original Ajay’s body instead of the proxy killed by Aaditya. At Ajay’s funeral Vinod Malhotra reveals that Ajay is not his child. Ajay is the real son of Hari Chopra, a notorious international drug lord.

Hari comes to know of his son’s death and enters India and kills Vinod. He also attacks unsuspecting Aaditya and his daughter. While Aaditya survives, his daughter dies of internal bleeding, causing Aaditya to turn extremely violent and begin his rampage of slaying criminals mercilessly.

Aaditya wants revenge but Vinod is already dead. He sees the clip Valli recorded for him before she died and learns there is a third person behind all this.

Aaditya comes to know about that Hariharan “Hari” Chopra & his link to Vinod & Ajay. Aaditya manages to kill Hariharan Chopra in the same police station which was set ablaze by him 27 years ago that killed many police officers, thus avenging his daughter’s death and instilling peace in Mumbai.

Budget and Bussiness

Budget:- The movie was created on the budget of approximately 200 cr. Rupees, the movie had to bear a lot of lose due to movie leaked by Tamilrockers online one internet. The total Darbar movie bussiness details are given below


The film reportedly minted Rs 18 crore in Tamil Nadu alone on its first day. and it has approximately grossed over Rs 85 crore in Tamil Nadu. Chennai city has been particularly good for Darbar, where it grossed Rs 14.67 crore. while in Kerala and Karnataka it has collected Rs 8 crore and Rs 19 crore respectively. It has collected around Rs 20 crore from Telugu states and around Rs 8 crore from the Hindi version. The film has grossed ₹135 crore in domestic box office in 11 days.


Darbar has grossed over ₹200 crore worldwide in 11 days since its release. The film grossed $400,000 (USD) on its opening day in the United States. Just over the opening weekend, Darbar has comfortably raked in $1 million (₹7.09 crore) in the US. Till 19 Jan 2020, The film crossed $1.6 million (₹11.36 crore) in the US. Darbar has collected approximately ₹70 crore in overseas market in 11 days.

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