Steps to follow at a rental car service

If you look at the car rental agency they have excellent strategies and techniques. Without their strategies and techniques, it wouldn’t be hard to compete. However, their genius ideas will leave the customers like you in danger, why? They have excellent techniques to charge for you. So, as customers, you should know to stand in a comfort zone. You should know to pick the right agency based on a few important factors. Most car renters face difficulties when they rent a lamborghini in Italy because they don’t know the relevant things to be done. Most charges included in the car rentals wouldn’t be visible unless you dig in deeper to find the cost. However, as customers, you should be focused on the costs associated. In this article, we will mention a few steps that you should follow in order to get things right! Continue reading…

What are the steps to be followed?

As we mentioned above, the car rental agencies use really intelligent techniques to charge from the customers. If you don’t want to get trapped in their intelligent system you should focus on these steps.

  • Don’t think of prepaying the rental

Even if you are planning to rent a lamborghini in Italy or some other cars, you should never think of prepaying the rent. For a light booking, you should be prepared. You need not think of prepaying when it is about flight bookings. But when you think of rental cars, it is completely different. You already know that there is a high demand for car rental agencies, so there is a constant change in the prices. You should be really focused when you consider the rental from one company to another. Even if the agencies mentioned about 10-15% savings, you should not prepay the rent at any instant.

If you reserve the car without prepaying you would be able to enjoy the risk-free feature. You can change it whenever you want. Or if you want to cancel the reservation you can go for it too. However, when you are making the reservation focus on the rates because the rate might drop. There are agencies that let you cancel the booking if there are changes in the reservation rate, so select such agencies. When selecting an agency you should focus on their customer service. Check whether they offer good customer service. Check whether they value the customers.

  • Don’t even prepay for fuel

Most rental car agencies will inquire whether you would like to pre-purchase fuel, but be ready to decline in a pleasant manner. If you are lazy or well-off you can accept the offer, but then, a majority of customers do not wish to spend in vain. Also, this is one of the important advice that you should bear in mind. You should refill the tank and then, get the receipt from the gas station. When you return the vehicle make sure to show the receipt as a proof if not the agent might try to charge it from your bill. If you want to avoid such problems, you should make sure to follow the step we mentioned.

  • Focus on the grace period

There are people who have the habit of getting late for almost everything in life. So, if you are one of such people you should focus on the grace period. Actually, most agencies are crucial about timing. Even if you delay an hour they might charge a high amount as late fee. If you don’t want this to happen, you should talk to the agent about the grace period before you arrive. If you are lucky, you would be able to get an extra hour or two without any charges.

  • Be attentive about drop-fee

To be honest, you cannot avoid drop-fee if it is a one-way tour. But this is about a huge amount being charged on your bill. If you find a good company that offers a negotiable drop-fee you would be able to talk it up to a lower amount. Of course, there are companies that offer the negotiable option, so try to find an agency that is flexible. Usually, the drop fee will vary based on the car that you chose.

  • Stay away from renting near the airport

Of course, rentals near the airport region will always be extremely high and unreasonable. If you don’t want to waste your money, stay away from renting near the airport. So, try to book a car which is not anywhere near the airport.

  • Don’t accept the in-car GPS

The car rental agencies might try to offer something fancy, but you should not accept any fancy offers. Even though it might seem simple, you would have to bear a huge cost at the end. If you don’t want such issues, don’t accept fancy offers like in-car GPS. If you do, you would have to bear a small amount each day and at the end of your journey, you would have to clear a huge bill. So, you can opt for something like Google Map.

  • Don’t forget to re-check the fees included

Even if you are in a hurry you should not skip this step because you might pay the double price. Actually, if the rental car company sense that you are in a haste to leave they might add all the irrelevant or extra charges to the bill. For example, they might add the refueling fee or they might not reduce the coupon you won. Likewise, things may happen, so you should be really careful at this point. When you receive the bill, read from the top to bottom. You should check each and every transaction carefully to ensure that there is no added fees or missed coupons. As there is high demand, they can easily fool you so you should be really careful.

The final verdict is you should not make a decision in a rush. Rather you should take time, think, and analyze before you come to a conclusion. However, it is better if you could follow these steps when renting a car.