Spotify: The Best Audio Streaming Platform!

Spotify streaming service is considered as one of the best audio streaming platforms for audiobooks, podcasts, and tracks that the artists can release which can be made available further to the people for listening. 

This application has served greatly amidst its competitors that offer similar services by providing exceptionally good functioning and high-quality audio streaming services that are second to none. This application is convenient in all the aspects that require it to be focused on and this well-maintained systematic application approach has led Spotify to be one of the primary streaming platforms that independent artists and music labels release their songs on.

Various music labels sign artists and pay them to drop songs and albums, EPs i.e Extended Plays, and LPs i.e Long Playing a set of songs that are made available through this platform. 

The streams recorded on Spotify generate revenue which is then bifurcated and shared according to the deal amidst the platform, the label, and the artists. 

Most artists have now started going independent and cutting off the need for labels to be the middle man because Spotify allows anyone that has an account made on the platform to publish their music and has some percentage is taken off the revenue that is generated according to the streams the artist’s songs get as a commission for letting them use the platform.

This application is available for various streaming devices and operating systems such as windows, mac OS, iOS, and Android for streaming music and the interface is pretty much similar on all of these streaming devices.

But there are some hidden features that Spotify possesses which are still not been made public to some percentage of people. 

The hidden features that have been observed on Spotify streaming service are:

  • Visualizations:

Some visualizations and graphics were traditionally added to Spotify which served the interface of this audio streaming platform to be very similar to WinAmp and windows media player visualization features. 

The graphical visualizations are sort of epileptic illustrations that give a party vibe while listening to the songs. These visualizations are synced to the song that you’re listening to, hence they can’t be customized to your desires

  • Privacy mode for private listening sessions:

Privacy mode was introduced lately which provided the listeners to listen and stream songs privately. This mode was very beneficial for group listening and to listen to podcasts and audio tracks together with multiple people through a single link that would assist them in logging on to the same playlist as everybody.

  • Releasing your own music on Spotify:

Yes, you can also release your own music and claim the copyrights, revenues, and royalties from streams that are observed and engaged using crowd exposure. 

Making sure that the tracks you release are authentic and not plagiarised, making use of every intricate and taking care of the desired details you have will make you more unique amidst the other independent artists on this platform

  • Making your own folders and downloading playlists:

You can make your own playlists and turn them into folders that can either be made available to the public and can be accessed but not edited by them or can be made available privately i.e just for you. You can also download these playlists for continuous audio streaming. 

  • Talk to Spotify:

Just like Alexa, and google assistant, the AI technology was also adopted by Spotify through which you could command Spotify to play pause skip resume and change the music. This feature is yet not made available to the public in some regions and is still in development.

  • Readymade Folders from Artists:

This feature involves browsing for the playlist of various artists that involves tracks that have been released freshly and previously by the artist or the label on this platform. 

This saves you the time for manually choosing and making a separate playlist and you can extensively discover the artist’s discography very conveniently

Spotify streaming service has been a primary preference for a lot of people who are music enthusiasts and want a platform that is updated regarding the discography of the artists very thoroughly. The tracks that are freshly released and made readily available with other advantages make the usability of this device unmatched.