Spot the right air hockey table with the assistance of Game Room Owl

Want to add a new table game to your game room? Air hockey is the best solution for you! You might notice that your friends are not interested in using the games in your playroom. This is because they can’t find any engaging games. Air hockey will top the list if you search on all the classic games. Various brands offer a myriad of options with added features to provide you full gaming experience. Buy an air hockey table with a sturdy base and legs for long durability. Let’s get insight into this informative guide for experiencing realistic arcade games.

Rally and Roar tabletop air hockey table

So, are you planning to go on a day outing with your kids? Take this mini-game table with you. Due to its small size, you can carry it to any party or vacation to enjoy the game nights to the fullest. Considering the price point, this air hockey table is economical and best for beginners. Place it on a table and plug it in to start gaming. 

Triumph Sports fire nice light-up air hockey table

This particular model is an ideal air hockey table for all ages. Due to its large size and its stand, the table seems very engaging. Unlike traditional models, this is a unique multi-featured air hockey table with an LED puck, corner lights, cross braces, and many more. People tend to buy this model as it is a low-budget hockey table yet offers competitive gaming facilities. Game Room Owl points out one of its downsides, i.e. the non-existence of a built-in scorer. 

EastPoint sports NHL deluxe power play hockey table

Have you felt bored after the repetitive playing of air hockey? Then, this is the most appropriate gaming addition in your game room. Unlike other tabletops, this model comes with stand-alone features that make it a centrepiece of your playroom. You can rest assured of the final score as the model’s scoring system is automotive and futuristic. This is the ultimate model for hosting game nights with your friends. Moreover, you can alternatively use this table by upraising the ping pong top. This incredibly flexible model can be a great piece into your game room with some premium specifications. 

Best choice products 4-in-1 multi game table

If you have lack adequate space in your game room, add this compact yet small size air hockey table to get the opportunity of playing different games on a single tabletop. Stay engaged on the weekends with your kids and play lots of games, including foosball, billiards, and mini ping pong on this table. However, Game Room Owl identifies a set of flaws in this premium range hockey table. The built-in quality and measurements are inaccurate. Thus players face multiple issues while playing with the model.

Triumph sports lumen-X Lazer air hockey table

Adults find this air hockey table the greatest option for its robust construction and sleek design. This gaming table is so enticing that it can make your gaming partners ready for having all the fun. This air hockey table can provide you with the actual vibe that you experienced playing at the arcade. The digital scorer, enchanting arcade music, LED lighting, dual motor, bright paddles, and cool LED pucks make this modern gaming table the coolest option of all time.

So, are you ready to consider a high-standard air hockey table in your game room?

When you plan to put in the classic air hockey table in your game room, ensure it gets fitted to the size of the space. Aside from that, you must keep your eyes on the dynamic motor and unique features to suit your preferences. While many games seem boring for players, it is your accountability to build the game room as entertaining as possible. Follow the expert advice at Game Room Owl to select the best product of your choice.