Sclerotherapy or Laser Therapy: which treatment is the best?

Spider veins are veins that appear on the skin especially on the face or leg due to some reasons. Mainly the reason is the abnormally enlarging of blood vessels. This is commonly seen in adults. Abnormalities of blood vessels cause spider veins. The veins carry back the blood to the heart when there is a valve it avoids the back blood flow and hence there are subsequent blood clots and weakening of blood vessels in that place which leads to spider veins. Although spider veins and varicose veins look similar they are not the same. The symptoms and treatments for them are different.

Mostly there is no treatment required to cure spider veins but some people prefer to have a cosmetic treatment by the dermatologist in order to have good looks. On this homepage information about the best treatment for Spider veins is given.

Sclerotherapy vs Laser Therapy

Spider veins can be treated which two different therapies that are sclerotherapy therapy or laser therapy. Both the treatments have similar effects of curing the veins that prevent the blood flow that was blocked. When you go through this treatment that are no visible veins on the skin. 

Sclerotherapy therapy uses a specialized chemical that is injected which causes is the vein to destruct. While the laser treatment uses a light beam that heats and dissolves the veins. Both the heat and the chemical are placed in the vein. From both of the therapies square root therapy is preferred more because of the following advantages:

  • Less painful – Laser therapy uses laser waves which causes heat inside the vein. In this treatment, patients can feel as there is some burning sensation happening inside the body. While the chemical that is used in sclerotherapy therapy does not cause any kind of pain or irritation.
  • No chance of hypopigmentation – There can be hypopigmentation around the areas where the spider wings are treated with laser therapy. Sometimes the skin may become darker. This can be problematic if it is on the face or your legs. While in sclerotherapy therapy, it does not have any kind of hyperpigmentation that takes place in your body or your skin.
  • Time consumption – Laser treatment takes more time to treat the spider veins and sclerotherapy therapy provides the best results in just one session. You might need a longer time to treat the veins when you choose laser treatment.

When you go for any kind of treatment always consult a doctor that is certified. Although laser treatment has few advantages over sclerotherapy, both treatments can be effective in removing the spider veins. If the veins are larger then you may choose sclerotherapy therapy for larger veins while for small veins choose laser treatment. Before going for any treatment consult your doctor to know what suits you the best. Hence, it is suggested to choose sclerotherapy over any treatment because of its advantages.