Relationship Advice For Guys – Know about the advice

If you’re a typical idiot male like me, you needed this relationship advice for men way before you looked for it. Men have special kinds of trouble in relationships — everything from commitment phobia to just plain dumb actions. It would seem nature is against us — men seem to have more trouble communicating to their partner across the board, so much so that Hollywood movies and television shows have been built around this very fact.

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Sure, women have relationship troubles too. We’re going to focus on areas where men have to be particularly careful, areas where men need to be held accountable for their actions. Areas in which “relationship advice for guys” makes the most sense.

I think that most male relationship problems can be kept under control if you consider the following five major mistakes.

Neglecting your partner. This includes things like drinking, addictions, workaholism, and just plain ignoring your partner. Men seem to have more trouble with this because it is almost acceptable socially for men to spend “a little more time at work” or have a couple of extra drinks.

Neglect of any amount is bad because it runs against the main purpose of any relationship — which is to provide companionship — that all important meeting of one another’s needs. When other activities get in the way of our family, we will always wind up short-changing our partner.

If we take an inventory and make adjustments in how we spend our time, we’ve taken the first step in correcting this problem.

Some of the best relationship advice I can offer a man is to treat your partner as the equal and important person they are by spending enough quality time together to satisfy each of your requirements for contact and to maintain that romantic connection. Don’t be a “Missing in Action” partner.

Some simple details she will appreciate are small gifts from time to time, even if just flowers delivered to her, as well as maybe taking a trip together; it does not have to be expensive, you can get some good travel deals here as well as some good hotel deals for great memories together.

Depriving your partner. This means not being supportive enough, emotional enough, etc. This might be the major complaint of many a housewife faced with the average male partner affected by the above symptom, “neglect”. A wife or other partner who deals with a man who works “a little bit over time every week” or seeks his solutions at the bottom of a bottle will often react by saying that partner is not “supportive enough”.

Truly, our mere physical presence is not enough. We cannot expect our relationships to grow stronger if we withdraw emotionally for extended periods of time. Expressing love through affection and caring behaviors is crucial to keeping a relationship strong and vibrant.

Remember this and practice it everyday. Psychology tells us that the most important times of day to communicate positively are upon waking, upon reuniting after a long day, and before going to sleep. (This is important advice for men, who often forget this.)

Dishonesty and betrayal. Simply put, this means lying to your partner. Those of us with lying problems usually need some sort of “professional help” to get over our deceptive nature. Often this comes in the form of so called couples therapy.

Be aware that the foundation of any relationship is trust. There is no relationship where trust is more important than in a relationship between mates. Cheating and lying breaks down the basis for a relationship, and often results in its demise. A problem of this nature is serious, and resolving it must be a top priority if the relationship is to survive.

Conquering this problem could make or break your relationship. No other relationship advice for men will help if you ignore this piece of advice about dishonesty and betrayal.

Putting yourself first or Putting yourself last. While these are really two distinct problems for some men, they have a similar root and can be talked about in similar terms. Acting self centered is just another side of the same coin as self neglect, and the emotions behind them are similar and similarly conquered.

Again, professional help might be needed to conquer this problem. Letting your self interests take priority in an unbalanced way can be toxic to a partnership. The other person usually winds up feeling deprived, resentful, and unimportant.

Furthermore, the more self-involved you are, the more you take your relationship for granted, the less you appreciate your partner, and the more alone you actually are. But having a healthy relationship with your partner involves balancing or even putting aside your own needs and desires.

You teach people how to treat you, and if you act like a doormat, you can’t really blame someone if they wipe their feet on you.

Learn how to stand up for yourself, practice open communication with your partner, ask and allow others to meet your needs, and take care of yourself as much as you take care of your loved ones. This is the most difficult of my five pieces of relationship advice for guys and should be read through a few times and taken into deep consideration.