Natural Bodybuilding vs Steroids – What Is Better For Your Body

Steroids have become something of a mainstream substance in recent years, especially in the community of bodybuilding. There is a massive division between steroids and natural bodybuilders in the bodybuilding world, which is well-known to everyone. There is a heated debate going on around the world on this topic. As in any other debate, both sides are consistent that their methods are superior to others. With a heated debate making rounds worldwide, it might be overwhelming for a novice athlete or bodybuilder to find the facts under all the façade of bold and bragging claims. Here is a guide to help you know the difference between the two more clearly.

Before going any further, know that the article explains what steroids and natural bodybuilding methods are.

Natural bodybuilding

What do you mean by being a ‘natural bodybuilder’ or a ‘natty’? A bodybuilder who doesn’t use substances not occurring naturally (steroids like stanozolol) is a natural one. Natural bodybuilders don’t use any growth hormones, steroids, or other substances to enhance their natural ability. They build muscles by lifting weights at the gym, following a regular diet, and maintaining a strict workout routine.

Natural bodybuilders might not gain as many muscles as steroids users, but they indeed remain for a longer time. They also tend to have better health and overall metabolism.

Steroids bodybuilding

Just like natural bodybuilding methods, there are many strong supporters of steroid bodybuilding. These builders use anabolic-androgenic steroids such as stanozolol. These substances are injected into the body for quick gains and banned from competitions. Steroid bodybuilders have accepted the substance as an integrated part of the bodybuilding process, and they think that natural bodybuilders are missing out on their full potential by denying steroids.

Steroids help you recover faster and make more gains in short periods. Steroids act as a catalyst in the muscle-building process. There is no comparison between the two methods.

Is it impossible to get muscles without steroids?

Strong proponents of steroid bodybuilding often say that one cannot build impressive muscles without using steroids which is entirely wrong. Someone sticking to natural ways of bodybuilding with all seriousness can undoubtedly gain impressive body muscles. All you need is the right level of dedication.

Does natural bodybuilding give the same results as steroids?

One of the most critical questions people want to know is: whether the muscle gained by natural bodybuilding is the same as by using steroids. The answer is ‘no.’ Steroids are made to enable the body to go beyond its natural limit. You can have strong and big muscles naturally, but it is impossible to achieve the results that steroids give.

Steroids are no silver bullet in bodybuilding. Whatever path you choose for yourself, you have to work hard with dedication to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Bodybuilding is all about shaping your body into the best form by utilizing endurance and hard work, not some quick fix. The best way to build long-lasting muscles is by following natural methods rather than relying on steroids.