Maintaining Patience In Relationship – How to maintain patience 

Some have been put in distress, due to different reasons, some are emotionally challenge, due to intolerant in relationship.

Patience significantly play a vital role in relationships, patience on the other side, is like heart of relationships.

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In a relationship where patience is not been exercise by lovers , definitely such relationship will only be a thing of the past within twinkle of an eye.

Relationship is the mutual likeness people shared .Relationship does not only exist between a man and woman alone. it exist between friends. Boss and workers, etcetera, but in this era.

3 Effective Rules Guiding Relationship

Relationship simply defines the coming together of two beautiful heart who believe they can work together to become one. For a relationship to reach its peak there are various rough routes to be cross by the persons involved which is collectively known as patience.

Patience in relationship is the act of tolerating and accepting the other persons flaws. In relationship one person might be the aggressive type it only take a patience being to deal with such person peace to reign in such relationship.

Most relationship lack trust and both partner needs patience to stir the affairs of such relationship. In relationships so many things have to be overlooked just for peace to reign.if the persons involved in a relationship are able to exercise patience they will able to understand each other and works towards perfecting each other differences.

It takes a patience spouse to deal with a nagging spouse one who practically complain almost on every damn thing forgetting so many things has to be overlook for a peaceful relationship.

There is an adage that says a patient dog eat the fattest bone.. Therefore if spouses can be patience with the bad side of each other and tolerate their differences then there is bound to be a happy relationship at the end.

Marriage is about hard work, good marriages don’t come naturally, it like a career, job because it a life time thing.

Causes Of Misunderstanding Mostly In Marriages

Over reaction

When you are angry, angry in such a manner that is reasonably, when your partner does something wrong which she also admit, once she admitted to it. Just let it go that’s the best, sometimes some people will now use that to process, past event.

It’s wrong bringing past event to present, we have some people that can’t do away with the past, making references from the past even will only increase the rate of anger in you. It will never solve the issue on ground , rather it will add to.

Mostly, inpatient is what causes domestic violence most of the time, there are many cases of domestic violence, if only partners could balance patience between both rarely, we will heard of domestic violence.

Even when you have bad day, don’t let it show and never use that as a means of transferring aggressions, to your partner. When you are ask just relax and tell what’s wrong never transfer aggressions.


When you significantly, believe in your self and have no clue of what you could get from your partners. Often, when you and your partner are always of same level or you are above him, it reflects in relationship.

Self Center

When you’ve been selfish, definitely peace will never reign in such home, because when the husband is on the look for the welfare of the family, and the spouse are being inconsiderate.

On how to maintain and understand the situation on ground. There are some spouse out there they prefer to wear latest , rather than taking care of there family.

Give your spouse time to do things at her pace

Don’t rush your spouse to do things, give her time get things done at her own pace never rush her. For instance, you are introducing to a new thing entirely, let her learn at her own pace, she is new it’s not something she is been involved in so she need time.

Treat her special in learning new skills, we all have level at which we learn understand and assimilate. The best to do is to motivate and encourage her that’s more way for her to learn wholeheartedly.

Patient bring peace, contentment, among the family, it allows the family to relate, and bring about intimacy, among the members of the family.

In a family where patient is been practice, both partner will feel comfortable relating with each other. A situation whereby such is not been practice your spouse will be afraid of asking questions. Because she don’t know how you going to react in other not to get bad reply. She will have to be careful and look for a moment when you are more happy.

Practice patient when your partner is impatient

If your partner is a goat, act like sheep, two drivers can not be in a car, if eventually it happens one should allow the other, in other for peace to reign in a relationship, whenever your partner is in hot, ranting mood the best for you is to keep calm, listen and never gives instant reply in other not to worsen situations.

It take only a reasonable and sensible man to calm when he is ranting, of vibrating over a particular issues to calm down when such person doesn’t get negative response from his partner.

Your partner is mad at you and keep giving attitude, do whatever you want to do, like I care common, you don’t need to act that way. You need to calm him apologize and realize, and admit mistake, two wrongs can never make a right.

Sometimes when you are right after the storm call him to attention that what you are angry at doesn’t worth it. So in every relationships it better for one to be a goat and for the other to be sheep.

That’s the best way to maintain and balance individual differences, actually we are not from the same family it’s not possible to have the same character, even twin that are born almost the same day depict different characters.

Not admitting mistakes or proofing right both partners are digging the grave of there relationships, let’s not forget to practice patient, practicing patience make relationship ties to be strong and healthy.