Ketone Balance Duo Review

Welcome to my another edition of weight loss product review. As usual, I will give you the latest trending slimming pills that are naturally safe and effective for your weight loss program.

Today’s product is Ketone Balance Duo. This is another revolutionary product that comes out of the Evolution Slimming factory. As you might already know, Evolution Slimming Ltd. is one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies with regards to health, beauty and weight loss products. So to learn more about this particular pill, below is my honest review.

Ketone Balance Duo Overview

Ketone Balance Duo is composed of today’s top two weight loss ingredients – raspberry ketones and green coffee bean. These two extracts are said to effectively help reduce weight by burning more fat and increasing your metabolic rate.

Raspberry ketones and green coffee extracts took the weight loss market by storm in 2012. Most dieters are skeptic at first in using this newly discovered slimming pill. But after they tried and experienced the power of these two ingredients, they never took any other supplements again.

While there are many raspbery ketones and green coffee bean based pills in the market today, there can only be a few that you can truly trust. Ketone Balance Duo is one of those products that you can depend on for your weight loss program. Why?

How Ketone Balance Duo Works?

There are a lot of reasons why you should trust this brand. The amazing combination of raspberry ketones and green coffee extracts are well formulated to produce significant weight loss result, which is also the reason why it has the “duo” word as its extension brand name.

Some of the claims by Ketone Balance Due includes the following:

  • Natural weight loss.
  • Fat oxidation process.
  • Reduces your excess mass.
  • Boosts your energy.

Charges up your metabolism

Both raspberry ketones (200 mg) and green coffee bean (200 mg) extract work together to accelerate your metabolic rate for much effective fat burning formula.

Unlike other supplements, Ketone Balance Duo is made from unroasted coffee, which means that it still has more of its main potent compound – chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid prevents the release of glucose into the blood stream, which leads to a big reduction of fat absorption by the body.

Aside from these two main ingredients, Ketone Balance Duo also has caffeine in little quantity and green tea extracts. As you know, both caffeine and green tea have its own distinctive properties with regards to weight loss.

Other Key Ingredients

Green Tea Extract (100 mg)

Green tea extract is the most widely used weight loss ingredient today. Known for its slimming effects, green tea helps boost metabolism for your extra fat burning needs.

Guarana Extract (100 mg)

Guarana is rich in caffeine, a common substance in coffees. This extract helps suppress your appetite while charging up your metabolic rate. If you want to lose weight, guarana extract is one ingredient that your supplement must have.

Chromium Picolinate

This ingredient works like the body’s insulin enhancing tool, which helps regulate insulin in controlling your body fat storage. Our body absorbs insulin hormones after a good meal where it transports glucose to cells. The cells will then use glucose to turn into energy for different body functions. Chromium picolinate boosts the insulin further for more fat and glucose metabolism for better breakdown.


A natural compound that usually produced from the body’s amino acids. You probably seen various l-carnitine products that are all linked to weight loss. Why? Because l-carnitine help boost metabolism, helps burn fat and improves muscle strength and performance.

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Ketone Balance Duo Side Effects

Ketone Balance Duo so far has no official complaints online, a big testament that this product is safe and won’t harm you in any way. Evolution Slimming made sure that the ingredients of this particular product are well-blended to be the perfect weight loss formula.

This product has also been cleared on various lab tests and is one of the highest-quality slimming pills you can buy online. If you are looking for safe and effective weight loss pills that will support your current fitness program, Ketone Balance Duo is the right choice!

How to Take Ketone Balance Duo?

The recommended intake of Ketone Balance Duo is one pill in the morning with breakfast and another pill with your lunch. You will get the right daily suggested dosage of raspberry ketone and green coffee extract by following this instruction.

Unlike other weight loss supplements, Ketone Balance Duo is suitable for vegetarians. Remember that supplements are much more effective in conjunction with consistent exercise regime and healthy diet.

Where to Buy Ketone Balance Due?

Ketone Balance Duo can only be purchased on its official website. It is a separate entity aside from the Evolution Slimming company site. This means that you won’t find Ketone Balance Duo in Evolution Slimming health store.

This product is also not available in major online retailers or Internet pharmaceutical stores. Follow the link below to purchase your bottle of Ketone Balance Duo through its official site.

Visit Ketone Balance Duo official site here


Ketone Balance Duo is the perfect choice if you are looking for supplements that will support your weight loss program. With raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract’s popularity growing by each day, you won’t certainly regret trying this pill as one your primary slimming supplement.

Like any other pills in the market today, it is highly advisable that you follow a strict healthy diet along with regular exercise to achieve good results. This is the reason why these type of products are also called “supplements“, basically to support your fitness program. Remember that this pill is not intended to cure, diagnose or prevent any illnesses.

You need a healthy appetite to make sure you eat enough food. This helps to ensure that your body gets sufficient amounts of essential nutrients. However, sometimes our body produces a greater appetite than it should. This can lead to overeating and overeating. In turn, you will gain weight and lead to obesity. You can go to their websites and press the click here button to know about these products.

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