Install the Best Cordless Grease Gun

What is a Grease Gun?

A Grease Gun is essentially a pivotal component of your bike and it’s like a blood that flows through the joints, engine and nuts and bolts of your bike and kid’s bicycle. It is necessary to have a top notch grease gun installed in your bike for effortless and energy conserving efficient run. Well, the greasing tool is usually available in varies shapes and sizes or to be precise in 5 types.

As discussed above, there are 5 types of grease guns and each has their own set of advantages and pickups. Also there are many manufacturers in the market who manufacture and sell these equipment’s along with maintenance and repair tool. The price range may fluctuate depending upon the type of gun you have opted for your bike and usually the high end grease guns are costly. So let’s have a hawk eye view on some of the best cordless grease gun around.


But before stepping into it, let’s discuss the essentiality of the grease gun. It is used to make the process of lubrication smooth and much easier. It allows you to lubricate at the exact place and thereby reducing any wastage produced. As the lubricant is sprayed only at the required place, it will enhance saturation to provide best results for the engine to work with perfect accuracy, speeds and efficiency. Yet, even after having a clear distinction and knowledge about the key factors, most people make a faulty choice for their bikes when purchasing the best cordless grease gun. Agreed, there are numerous and far too many to choose from but going through expert reviews and research, one can figure out the best equipment available.

Know Your Requirement:

Well, these grease guns do a lot of job for you and may well be on the expensive side. But whether it’s a car of a small DIY project, it’s important to find the best during gun that can help to lubricate each joint easily. But this leaves the question how to find the best cordless grease gun? It’s simple, it shall tick your checklist and then you are ready to go. A perfect tool for you shall satisfy all your needs and perform to its credibility.

The first thing a user must inspect is their work pattern and the purpose for which they need a grease gun. After determining this factor, one can proceed to search among tons of options available in your range of category. Many of us actually value portability and cost effective supreme performance over all options and hence cordless and battery powered grease guns, form a great choice in this regard. For garage requirements, you require a really good mixture of manual and automotive grease guns to operate with different automobiles. Large scale operations require the best and high end performance guns with supreme functionality.

Once you have determined it’s purpose, it is now essential to look for perks and additional features that you would like to have in your grease gun. Keep in mind that not all the products come with same level of lubrication efficiency and benefits even within a single brand. Each gun is manufactured specifically to address a particular need. Also figure out the amount of grease needed per day and that will determine the space your cylinder of the gun will occupy. Professional garage workers prefer to have perks like small nozzles to penetrate the most cramped areas and an extended reach to facilitate it along with a high pressure grease dispersion. Also, you can also get cordless variants with dual functionality of high pressure grease and high volume of grease being extracted.


  • Heavy duty construction as a protective layer to save it from external and internal damage.
  • Effective Jam proof mechanism to pump out the grease with ease.
  • Air Bleeder to help you in the process of priming.
  • Dual functionality to pump out grease at both high pressure of 7500-9000psi and at high volume of 16oz.
  • Automatic speed control mechanism for greater control.
  • Anti-Debris Filter to prevent the entry of dirt and dust particles from external environment.
  • A long hose to reach the most cramped areas easily for an extended reach.
  • Portable and doesn’t scratch the floor or wooden block it’s placed on.

The best cordless grease gun come with a great price to performance ration and as like other guns require some essential accessories for better processing.

  • Grease Injector Needle:
    • Made of stainless steel makes it durable and rust resistant.
    • Protective layer is embedded which serves to making it easier for lubricating tight places without comprising the needle injector functionality.
    • The knurled grip will help you to connect and disconnect the coupler with ease.
  • Coupler:
    • Serves as an equipment to reduce the stress and tension of the grease coming out thereby ending your greasing worries.
    • Its safety lock can be of great advantage to free both hands to be able to effectively pump the grease.
    • It will ensure that there is no wastage and mess being created around by ensuring that the grease goes into the machine properly.
  • Gun Hose:
    • Long hose is the key for the best cordless grease gun.
    • Ideal for hard application for generating pressures of more than 10,000psi.
    • The flexibility and great length will help to reach the most cramped areas.

Choose the Best for you:

The portability offered by the cordless guns is just immaculate offering portability via battery as a power source. It doesn’t require to depend on your hands to push the grease out. It also offers you varying force and pressure in accordance to your convenience. Also they don’t have any cording limits and its tools are easily available in the market for replacement or recharging of the battery. These tools are really useful when working outdoor on gigs for your clients. Lastly, being lightweight and battery powered, opting for cordless guns is a great option for all needs.