How To Keep Critters at Bay During the Winter Months?

While you might be expecting winters to be all snowed in and cozy, be prepared to meet hosts of bugs who love to inhabit homes during this particular time of the year. One of the main reasons as to why this happens is because insects cannot generally tolerate colder weather. They are constantly on the look for warm conditions to survive and breed in. this can create a massive problem during the colder months when you are locked off from the outdoors, and you do not find any way to shoo these bugs away.

Why do bugs swarm in hordes during the winter months?

  • The main reason behind this would be survival. While most adult insects die once the frost arrives, many lay eggs before they do so. And when spring arrives, you are bound to find your home overrun with pests. 
  • Insects are quite great when it comes to communicating with each other. Come winter, and if one finds a warm spot, they will soon send out a signal inviting all the bugs in the near vicinity to rush to your house in hordes and settle in there. 
  • Sometimes when you use a heater or the interior of your house gets warm during the winter, these bugs again crawl out. Many of these can release foul-smelling odors and can also ooze out liquids which will invariably end up staining your walls, carpets, and expensive upholstery. 

Another great way by which bugs enter your home is when they attach to a piece of object and get carried inside. This can be most commonly seen when Christmas trees are brought in from outside, and with them, a plethora of bugs get invited in as well. 

Some common winter bugs you may find in your home:

  • Ladybugs: While to some, they might be very pleasant to look at, in reality, these tiny critters can cause a lot of trouble. They release a yellow-colored fluid when they are stressed, and this generally stains walls. 
  • Stinkbugs: Just as the name suggests, these bugs release a foul-smelling odor once they are threatened or disturbed. They also destroy plants and chew through them at an astonishing pace. 
  • Boxelder bug: these bugs have a dark color with bright reddish markings all over them. During the warmer months, they typically survive on elder trees. They are generally quiet bugs, and when winter arrives, they find a way into a home through tiny cracks and crevices. 
  • Ants can be a very common menace, too, during the winters. They love to go on the lookout for food to sustain their larvae in the cold weather. So, you are bound to find them flocking near food sources. 

Silverfish is a bug that loves the colder weather and thrives in it. They come out in winters to live on your sweaters and furs. You might also find them steadily gnawing away at old books. 

How to prevent bugs from entering your home this winter?

The Elk Grove Pest Control Services recommends the following tips to stay bug-free this winter.

  • Ensure that all your doors and points of entry are sealed.
  • Set up screens on your window so that relatively larger bugs have no way to gain access inside.
  • Make sure that your yard is regularly cleaned and that there are no piles of rotting leaves or compost that can attract these critters. 

  • If you find any tiny cracks or crevices in your home, it might be a good idea to get them repaired immediately. 
  • If you have any pipes that have tiny openings in them, ensure that they are sealed as well. 
  • Ensure that you are storing your food in airtight containers. 
  • Make sure that you are disposing of your trash properly and in a timely fashion. 

While having these bugs over can be a very tiresome situation, just by ensuring a few basic tenets of hygiene, you are bound to get rid of them. However, if problems persist and you see serious harm being done to your property, it might be a good idea to get a professional in. Professionals like the Elk Grove Pest Control Services can be great options for the same.