Funeral Flowers- Sympathizing Concept

While joyous occasions are hard-pressed to find nowadays, the sad ones are aplenty and have grown manifolds in the past year ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out and turned the entire world upside down.

The second wave was the worse than the first that claimed thousands of lives across the globe and with the new variant omicron just around the corner, things look pretty bleak for mankind.

There is no dearth of sorrowful occasions in our lives but one that is the worst is when you have to mourn the loss of a loved one and it can be anyone from a close friend or blood relative which brings us to today’s topic of funeral flowers that are necessary to carry along while going to a funeral.

Brief Up

Now going to a funeral procession is much different than attending a party because of the complete contrast in the mood and occasion so even writing an article on such a topic is difficult because many people might be offended.

So to steer clear of any controversy, the writer will solely focus on funeral flowers that we carry when attending a funeral due to a deep state of mourning amongst the people sitting there.

A funeral flower can be of any color but most people prefer red, black, and white because usually black reflects the darkness engulfed in the lives of the deceased’s family while white is to indicate the color of life and joy that has left everyone.

There are sympathy flowers in Singapore or China or anywhere across the world but you need to be aware of some important points while carrying such flowers to a funeral or while visiting the house of the departed to express mourning towards near and dear ones.

While visiting the florist, you might look at the different variety of flowers available and become confused as to which one to choose so it is better to ask the florist or simply select a wreath for placing on the casket.

It also depends on your emotional closeness with the deceased and his family so that you can accordingly make the arrangements for sending funeral flowers to the residence.

Points of Note

It is the immediate family members that will place their flowers closest to the casket because they are closely connected to the person by blood and these arrangements are long and complicated where the wreaths are arranged one by one and standing sprays are reserved for each member of the family.

Parents, siblings, and children are obviously the closest relations so they will place the flowers inside the casket lid and also on it once it closes where they are all heart-shaped to express their love for the deceased.

The sympathy flowers are sent by friends and colleagues that knew the deceased professionally where they have the option of directly sending it home or funeral service.

The flowers have to be delivered on the morning of the funeral so that it remains fresh for which the orders have to be placed earlier on.