Do Not Have Any Idea About How You Can Protect Your Minecraft Base? – Check This Out!!

If you play Minecraft daily, you may know that it is important for the players to protect their Minecraft Base, especially when you are playing the game on a survival server. Therefore, you need to look for the different traps to consider and even protect the base. Some players might think that Redstone contraptions can be the best way through which they can protect it. But that is only useful when you want to deter the other players from raiding or stealing the base.

 Though there are some traps that you can consider or use to protect the base, or even if you can, you can get the mc alts where you may get many other features that will make it even more interesting. But if you want to use the traps and want to learn more about that, then you can do that; all you need to do is read this!!

Different types of traps to protect Minecraft Base

While playing the Minecraft game, you need to protect your base because there is no chance of winning without that. If you will not, you may not get the base, and it will be stolen; that is why you need to get the traps. Some of those traps that you can use are mentioned below-

Trapped Chest trap

It is just the same as the normal chest that may contain the 27 unique storage slots. When it is open, it emits the Redstone signal. These signals will be connected to different devices so that you can punish the raider or the stealer. It is just like the regular chest until it is open, and once it is open, it will already be late.

Fake pressure plate trap

It is the trap that is most common and often used within Minecraft homes. 

If you want to protect your base in Minecraft, you can use the pressure plate mechanism to punish the raider. You can do that so easily just by connecting the plates to the TNT or the same trap, and it will ignite when someone steps on.

Fake House trap

Another most popular method that you can consider or is the most popular is to punish the raider and the thieves and that they can do by constructing a new decoy base. It can work as the bait and see that the raider will approach the house, and once they enter the house, they will regret that. It is because that fake house will be fitted with all types of traps and punishments.  

Explosive Bed

It is one of the most satisfying traps that a player can consider, which will teach the thieves a good lesson that they will not even forget anytime soon. To execute the trap, the player has to dig a hole of 4×2 that will be below the bed and filled with TNT. It will be placed under the bed, and when someone sleeps there, it will send the Redstone signals, which will lighten the TNT and kill the invader.