Choosing the right kind of bike pedal: Clipless vs. Platform vs. Clip

If you like cycling, then it is great for your health, both physical and mental. Pedaling on cycle certainly comes with so many benefits. In this regard, choosing the right kind of bike pedal is essential for you. First and foremost, you need to decide on the riding you are to do and then choose the pedal accordingly. Some of the factors that you must consider while choosing a bike pedal are given below.

  • Riding you would do

You need to decide what type of riding you would do. Whether you want to do road cycling with 3 holes cleat for power transfer or recreational cycling, you need to choose your pedal depending on this.

  • Type of shoes you want

Your shoe preference is also important in deciding the type of pedal that you should go for. If you are just a bike commuter looking forward to wearing shows off and on the bike, then mountain bike pedals or flat pedals would certainly be a great choice for you. In this case, you would then wear the shoes with the regular street shoes or recessed cleats.

Clipless vs. Platform vs. Clip

There are 3 main pedal types exist that you can decide to choose from. Each of these types has its features and specifications that you should know first. After knowing about these, you would be able to decide which will be the best option. Depending on your style of riding and pedal use, you need to choose a pedal type.

  • Clipless

This kind of pedal allows you to attach your foot to the pedal. As a result, it enhances your pedaling efficiency and makes the power transfer easy. Moreover, it also ensures that your foot does not slip off easily. The name of this pedal indicates that it is free from ‘toe-clips. This is the first choice for most road bikes, high-end commuter bikes, and mountain bikes. This pedal may involve a little learning curve. Clipless pedals are further classified into two categories such as road pedals and mountain bike pedals.

  • Platform

This kind of pedal is mostly found in mountain bikes, urban bikes, or BMX bikes. Using this pedal, you can step on and proceed to start riding at your convenience. It is the most simple and easiest kind of pedal to use. It does not require any special technique at all. Some expansive platform pedals come with better traction, better bearings, and greater strength.

  • Clip

The Toe clip pedal is to attach afoot to the pedal via a strap and cage. This one is now regarded as less popular and outdated as compared to clipless and platform pedals. The clip pedal enables your foot to get attached to the bike without requiring any special cycling shoes. But this kind of pedal is less safe than the clipless versions as shoes can get trapped in this case. This is why a clipped pedal is not normally recommended these days. It is mainly used in indoor fitness bikes or commuter bikes.