7 Interesting Facts About Flip Flop That A Buyer Must Know

Flip flops are the go-to footwear used by both men and women on special occasions. People used to wear these kinds of sandals, especially in the summer season. There are various kinds of flip flops that are available in the market. Various types of designs are available in the market that varies in price.

When a person plans to purchase the flip flop from the market, he should, first of all, gather the complete detail regarding the products. Some of the facts related to the flip flop include:

  1. According to the Egyptian murals, it was estimated that flip flops were first used around 400 BC. For the first time, these are the kind of footwear worn by the person in the Stone Age around 15000 years ago.
  2. The kind of material that a person uses to make the sandals will help the person to get the better sandals. First, the person should get a complete idea regarding the material. Let us discuss some of them in detail: The ancient Egyptian used to make sandals with the help of palm leaves, On the other hand, the Masai tribe uses the rawdi to make flip-flops, if we talk about china and Japan the rice straw was used in making the flip flops Adidas.
  3. In the traditional time, flip-flops gained tremendous popularity in America when the soldiers came back to their place after the completion of the world war.
  4. It is estimated that producing flip flops is a $20 billion industry.
  5. Even in our nation, national flip flop day is celebrated. The people generally celebrate it on the third Friday of the month of June. On this day, all the people living are encouraged to wear flip flops. This is the day that was initially celebrated in the year 2007
  6. There are various brands that are providing the flip flop to the buyers in various designs and styles. Even the colors of the flip flop are so unique that people feel attracted to them. Out of the various option, flip-flops Adidas is the one that is not only of good quality but also available at an affordable price. It is always worth investing in the flip flop of Adidas as they have a longer life.
  7. In the current scenario, the flip flops are worn with the strap between the first and the second toes, but this was not the case in the past. The strap was between the second and the third toes in the past year. But with time, keeping in mind the customers’ demand, more options were invented.

Hopefully, after reading all the facts about the flip flop, it is clear that they are available in various options. People generally use them for casual use. The person can easily select the color and material of the flip flop as per his choice. These are the products that a person uses for a longer time, so they need to be high quality.