Preparing your Artwork and Caring for Heat Press Machines

Although there are numerous ways to prepare artwork for heat press machines the standard way of preparing artwork is by using an inkjet printer to transfer it into a paper. At this stage, you will need some design skills or hire a graphic designer to design them for you. Whatever part you choose to take; graphic design programs like Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator come to mind.

One little drawback with inkjet machines is that they are not capable of printing white. If you try to print a white colored graphic, it will show the color of the fabric rather than the intended white coloration. You have to consider this little drawback before you create your artwork collections. There are some many machines in the market and selecting the best one based on ones use is never an easy task. People may get very confused and end up buy something that is not what they want. If you want to avoid such a situation, then you need to look around and ask for advice or refer to internet. If you want the best heat press machine, then you need to work hard and this can be done only when you do your ground work well and once that happens, things will be much better and you will get your dream machine for a good price.

If you must use white, try making your whites off-whites rather than plain white color. Lastly, you need to flip your artwork horizontally with your design software so that the finished products don’t appear flipped.

Using the Right Transfer Paper

The next important thing you need to consider is the transfer paper you intend to use. The transfer paper you use can make or break the final output of the product you make. To make the most of this aspect, you will have to do some research on the numerous transfer papers available in the market.

Because of the popularity of inkjet machines, most transfer papers in the market today are for inkjets. Be sure not to use an inkjet transfer paper for a laser printer. It just won’t turn out nicely. Apart from matching the right transfer paper to your machine, also note that transfer papers vary for different color of fabrics. Transfer papers for white tees are different from the transfer papers needed for black tees. In the market, there is lots of choice and selecting the best heat press machine, is never an easy job. If you see the number of machine, you will surely get confused and that will make the selection much tougher and that is the last thing you want. In fact, lots of research and so much of choice may go against you in long run and may give some serious confusion. So you need to look for someone, who has some very good technical information on this subject and understands, what to buy and what to leave and once that happens, the process will become very simple. Also, the heat press comes in various models, which are automatic, semi automatic and manual and based on your needs, you can select any one and that will make things much easier, so what are you waiting for?

Caring for Heat Press Machine

One advantage screen printed shirts have over heat pressed shirts is that they require less care than the latter. Heat pressed t-shirts must be taken care of properly by both the printer and the consumer if they are to last long. One trick is to always turn heat pressed shirt inside out before washing. This prevents friction and rubbing from damaging the imprinted areas.

Hang heat printed shirts to dry rather than using a dryer. Avoid using harsh detergents and make sure the shirts aren’t damp before placing them in the closet. If you follow these rules you will succeed in prolonging the lifespan of your heat printed tees. Keep in mind, no matter who, they want the best heat press machine, but the price of the better machines will also be high and that is something one needs to keep in mind and take care and avoid s situation though which you are stretching too far and that is the last thing you want. Once you do that, then things will be much better. Keep in mind, that before you plan to buy thing perfectly on the subject and then decide when to buy and which machine to buy, once you understand that then the process will be much better.

Entrepreneurs are always advised to place these instructions on the tees they produce so that customers can follow them to make the most out of the tees.

Hopefully, this little guide has touched some sensitive areas that beginners will find valuable. Heat pressing on a t-shirt doesn’t end with buying the appropriate machine or throwing in a t-shirt underneath the platen for pressing. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration before you make a move to venture into this business. Do the appropriate research or go work for free for a professional to learn the ropes of the business.

There are so many manufacturers in the market and one needs to select the best one based on their needs. There are so many heat press machine, which give you a combo option. Where one can do multiple things and on different Medias, this is preferred thing and give you more dimension and option, which one can make use of? People who are making use of the heat press and are happy customers will surely tell you that the combo machines are really good and they work great and do the job better then most of the other machines. Also gives you lots of choice and that makes it a very good option. So make sure, that you try and look for some very good machine which can give you good value for money. So just research well and get you heat press machine today and start making use of it to build your brand or your business.