Fundamental Understanding For Hay Day

Many games have been made and reviewed over the years but there seems to be some with different wonderful properties. Games are being developed for play stores and app stores which is Android and iOS respectively. Different games for several reasons as well ranging from military, crime down to farming. Hay Day is a farming related game and it is recorded to be the most downloaded farm game on both download platforms. Hay Day is quite a nice game and it has graphics of very distinct quality as well as the resolution. All these make the game particularly outstanding.

Hay Day story is quite short as it involves very few characters to actually enjoy the many benefits of the game. In Hay Day, the player has an uncle with a big farm but later loses the resources and strength to carry on the farm in its prime. The uncle now considers giving it to the player as a kind gesture and then the player agrees and he starts managing the plot of land. The game then provides short time training for the new player so there is an introduction to the different rules, skills, and controls of the game. The only duty that the player has is to ensure the land is completely utilized and crops are constantly yielded form a long time off work and labour. Foods planted include wheat, corn, millet and a few others. The plants are consistently watched until there is a reasonable yield and then harvest is done easily by sliding through the field where the crops have been planted. Some gems called diamonds can be used to accelerate the growth of the crops as well as other slow activities. Hay Day is a freemium game. Freemium means the game can be played for free and would duly require steady internet supply to control the game progress and lags.

Ways To Advance In Hay Day

In gaming, you must understand the rudiments of the game or else you cannot advance rightly. The game rules and instructions must not be gambled with and this same rule applies to Hay Day game especially among people without proper farming experience. There are certain rules and tips that will be explained in a little while. Those tips are as follows:

  • Use newspaper: In real life, every farmer needs food to buy, play and sell and this is the same thing in this game. The newspaper is a smooth access for players to get cheap food products for whatever reason. The major products sold here is wheat and corn because it could be bought cheap and sold at the higher price at the stalls. Some of it could be planted, grown and sold for profit purposes. Other crops that could be bought and planted is pumpkin and millet which is kind of slow in its growth and this makes it best for planting. Every one of the pumpkins harvested could be sold for hundreds of gold coins since it is a dedicated asset in this asset. This newspaper ensures you don’t pick anything and plant just like that. It helped the player to choose the crop best for planting and do so without hesitating. The newspaper is used with a link with Facebook so as to ease getting of farm produce faster before getting to the level where a neighborhood will be introduced and then the sharing of items will be much easier.
  • Ensure your camps are filled with derbies: As a farmer, you will probably have a silo, warehouses, critters and other food preservation locations. Derby is a simple term that describes how the silos and warehouses are filled with products without stress. Derby gives you time advantages over other players. It is used to quicken deliveries and also town maintenance. It is often used by advanced players already building a town. Derby is developed for the reason of making mobility easy whether within the farm or outside the farm.
  • Ensure experience points are acquired quickly: Experience points are a bit hard to reach as a novice in the game. As the player advances, there is a chance to get experience points as well. It is easier to get these points by simply going to the truck and see the back to know exactly what people need among the masses. Once that information is gotten, the player can know exactly what to plant, then he does the cultivation, harvest the crops and sells them for instant profit. Free doing this, the player could get a little contact with the newspaper and find farms that need help so you could assist them with the loading of trucks, the supply of shrubs and other farming materials. After helping the farms, you will be rewarded with coupons and then it could be used to purchase a few things like dogs. The dogs have to be looked after with a proper dog shelter then the dog food should be purchased. Bacon is the food for dogs and as long as you keep feeding and caring for the dogs, your experience points grow faster than any other method. As an added value point, the dogs could serve as a decoration and personal pet on the farm making it look more like a professional farm.
  • Ensure Greg is your stop by point: Well, food is essential to move the farm forward. Greg is a stall where food can be purchased for the benefit of filling the farm store and preserving the life on the farm as well.

In summary, there are quite a number of things Hay Day has to offer when it relates to a farming system. The article can only give you a brief and understanding. It is paramount that you download it for any platform and enjoy the deep gestures embedded in the game build. In Hay Day, you could extend farmland, get fish ponds, buy trucks and a whole lot of real-life farm activities. It is a practical depiction of fiscal farming methods and operations.