Benefits of Having a Futon In Our Home

At the time of furnishing our house it is necessary to make intelligent decisions in order to take advantage of the space and get the best out of everything that is going to be placed.

It is true that we should like the furniture, but that should not be just our engine when buying furniture for our home. The functionality and practicality of the furniture must also be taken into account so that these can be adapted to different spaces, styles and other decorations.

People who live in small places are the ones who suffer the most when decorating their home because they do not have much space and sometimes their tastes do not adapt to the common and simple.

The futon, for example, adapts to all those requirements since it combines a simple piece of furniture that can be transformed into a bed if you want. This furniture is ideal for small spaces or for when people are staying in our house; in addition, it has a wide variety of models, sizes and colors to be adaptable to our taste. Futons come from Western culture, specifically from Japan.

Sleeping Japanese

Japanese culture is world recognized for its particular gastronomy, philosophy, architecture, as well as for living under a paradigm of healthy, natural and tranquil life, for this reason they have the best options for rest. And this is thanks to having the best futon for sleeping.

Futons became popular as the Japanese houses do not have many divisions between bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and rooms. For that reason, Japanese during the day used to roll up the futon or store it in order to leave space for other uses.

However, currently in the Western culture when talking about futon, reference is made to an armchair that thanks to its modern design can be transformed into a bed; all this with the idea of ​​reducing costs and spaces. The futon, adapts to the idea of ​​a modern furniture that can work as an auxiliary but that could also be converted into a bedroom at the same time that takes care of its design and comfort.

Unlike a traditional bed, the best futon for sleeping has more mobility and does not intend to remain static because it is designed to be used and moved as much as you want. No matter where it is used, both oriental and occidental futons have this great advantage.

Regarding the advantages of having a futon in our house we have:

  • They are ideal for small spaces because they combine two pieces in one and are incredibly comfortable.
  • They are easy to combine for their contemporary and versatile design.
  • They can work either as a bed or an armchair thanks to their modern scheme.
  • They are usually more comfortable than a sofa bed.
  • Its design is contemporary.
  • They inspire elegance.
  • They are versatile and this helps to make the most of spaces.
  • Its price is usually a little more affordable unlike other furniture.

Undoubtedly, all these advantages become incredibly tentative when it comes to purchasing furniture, especially since the best futon for sleeping has versatility and can be obtained in the market at very low cost thanks to the variety of designs with which they can be found.

Futons are not only designed as a comfortable resting unit, you can also play with the style of the space and the surface on which it is placed. That is, futons can also function as striking and differentiating elements to attract attention and thus get the personality we want according to our preferences.

Another advantage is that you can get a model in the market that is not so heavy and based on the materials we want.

Previously it was believed that the futons were uncomfortable to clean due to its advantageous design that combines a traditional armchair with a comfortable bedroom. However, with the passage of time, both futons and mattresses have been customized based on different fibers such as latex and viscoelastic. Even, today you can buy futons like Seiatsu that are easier to maintain and adapt to body posture. In the same way, nowadays there are folding versions and even with wheels to facilitate their mobility and to give a more modern touch to the futon.

The futons are normally neutral colors with simple lines to transmit calm and simplicity all in order to facilitate rest.

Beyond aesthetics, some health specialists recommend sleeping on firm surfaces such as the one provided by the futon, since problems related to the spine and neck arise over time. For this reason, the use of futons in therapies is very successful as their design fits perfectly into different therapeutic techniques such as Ayurvedic massages and yoga practices.

However, for those who find futons to be a bit hard, there are models that intersperse layers of natural latex with which the base is a bit softer than that of traditional futons. In addition, taking into account that futons are commonly made of cotton, the perforated structure of the latex provides the mattress with better ventilation and therefore comfort is gained and this becomes more durable compared to a traditional futon.

The best futon for sleeping is the most original and economic option to take advantage of your spaces without losing the style that you want to impose beyond your comfort and elegance. For this reason, futons should be an option to consider when you want to furnish spaces.